Written by The Marketing Team July 9, 2018

Let us be your Social Ad ‘Campaign Sitter’ this Summer

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If you’re a parent, you’ll know how crucial a good babysitter can be for keeping your sanity! It’s reassuring to know there’s a steady and reliable person you can call when you just need a break or a night out.

And what a bonus it is, when you return home after a lovely kid-free meal, to find your child sleeping soundly, your house perfectly tidy and maybe even the added bonus of the dishes done!

Enjoy your summer vacation thanks to ParagoneAt Paragone we understand that your social advertising campaigns are your ‘babies’. You care for them, cater to their every need, dream about their success and maybe sometimes lie awake at night worrying about them!

So what do you do if you want to take a vacation this summer? We know you’re not going to want to take your social ad campaigns with you – they’re a little less cute than kids! And you can’t just leave your campaigns alone and running by themselves. Who knows what you’d come back to – most likely blown budgets, an irreparable Relevance Score and an ad account that is scarred for life!

The good news is we’re here to help – think of us as your social advertising Campaign Sitter!

Trust it to us!

Our Managed Service team is that ‘babysitter’ you can trust 100% – that one that goes above and beyond, leaving your child entertained and your house immaculate.

We’ve found that, for many of the clients we work with, just one or two people are responsible for setting up, managing and optimizing social ad campaigns. If you’re one of those people, taking a much-needed vacation can be a little nerve-racking!

Enjoy your Summer break, without your ad campaigns in the back of your mind. Rest assured your campaigns are being monitored and optimized in line with your objectives.

Imagine coming back to work, fully rested and energized, being able to hit the ground running again with ad performances that have actually improved over summer!

We’ve got great references!

Our 4000+ social advertiser clients trust us and our platform to deliver them great social ad performances.

blackpills-logo“Working with the Paragone Managed Service team has provided the support and expertise we needed to see excellent reach and performance.”
Anthony Danant, Global Business Development, blackpills

birchbox-logo“Paragone allows us to save time, accomplish our goals and reach our objectives. And there is also a huge amount of support coming directly from the Paragone team”
Liberty Radice,

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