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Written by Jessica Michen July 2, 2018

WATCH: Socialyse reflect on global partnership with Paragone

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Socialyse is the social media pure player of Havas Group. Harnessing data to analyze human behaviour and measure outcomes, Socialyse is a leading agency offering a variety of skills and disciplines that are indispensable to achieve success in social media. With over 130 social media experts across more than 35 markets, Socialyse combines the agility of a startup and the strength of a powerful global network.

Socialyse needed a solution to help them standardize the way their teams were working and managing social advertising on behalf of their clients. They also wanted to ensure the platform they chose acted as a central hub, enabling them to flexibly manage all social ad campaigns for their global client base.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Socialyse, as a global partner, for a few years now.

In our video success story, Jessica Richards (EVP, Managing Director, Socialyse North America) and Benjamin Jacob-Moore (VP, Partnerships, Socialyse) speak about their experience of working with our team and platform.


“The user experience is so great that my grandmother could actually buy a social campaign on Paragone”
Benjamin Jacob-Moore, Socialyse


Interested to learn more about some specific campaigns Socialyse have managed on Paragone? Using the Facebook Lead Ad format, Socialyse Netherlands ran an amazing lead generation campaign for Toyota, delivering more than 35,000 leads at a cost-per-lead (CPL) 10% lower than the initial objective! Download the full success story below.

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