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Written by The Marketing Team December 26, 2018

Stories coming to Facebook Groups: here’s what it means for you

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Facebook recently announced that they are rolling out Stories to Groups globally, as yet another signal that Facebook is going all in on stories.

We spoke about this topic (and others) in a recent edition of our Facebook Live. Watch the full replay below.

Stories in Facebook Groups

facebook-stories2Facebook initially started testing Group Stories over a year ago, but has now announced that it will be rolling out this feature globally. The Group Story will appear at the top of a Group’s page, and members will each be able to submit images or video to be featured. Group moderators can choose to approve story content before launching and the feature includes the ability to submit reactions and emojis as you watch.

This latest addition to groups continues a trend towards them becoming more central to the Facebook user experience.

For example, Facebook also launched Watch Party inside Groups earlier this year — its feature that lets users watch pre-uploaded videos simultaneously together, and communicate together while they are playing. And now it’s expanding it to every page and profile around the world.

Facebook has reported that there have been more than 12 million Watch Parties in Groups since it launched in January, and these events have succeeded in creating active participation, with 8 times the number of comments on average compared non-live videos in Groups.

Get more detail in our Facebook Live replay above.

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