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Written by MARKETING TEAM August 18, 2021

Jérôme Jourda
Social Media Trader at Socialyse Paris

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Here are several features very useful to me on a daily basis:

Campaign groups

It allows me to organize my campaigns by typology (performance or consideration) or by campaign brief. Visually, it facilitates the search for a certain campaign or campaign’s sub-group. It also allows me to save time in monitoring my campaigns.

Campaign KPI / Colour coding

The sets of colors that allow me to identify (by hovering over) whether the announced estimate is respected. Visually, it facilitates my daily campaigns monitoring, it helps me to save time and focus on the campaigns that are underperforming.

Public links

This feature helps with my weekly reporting to internal Havas Media France teams. A great tip: it automates the sending of weekly performance reports.

Social Live

Allows me to delegate organic post amplifications to the Community Manager and therefore it saves me a lot of time.

Naming Convention

It is integrated directly into the configuration of its campaign. A great tip: it avoids going back and forth between an excel file and its ad manager.


It’s a new feature that allows me to aggregate and compare performance data on several campaigns. For example, I use it to compare campaign statistics per car model that way I also have a business overview for each car model.

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