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Written by The Marketing Team July 6, 2018

Vans and Social.Lab take flight with carousel ads beta in Instagram Stories

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Founded in California in 1966, Vans is a world famous manufacturer of skate shoes and other apparel. Their agency, Social.Lab, is a leader in social media marketing, serving international clients in ten major markets.

Social.Lab are always striving to improve their clients social media advertising performances and with Paragone’s innovative features and access to Facebook betas, they can offer their clients optimized results.

With their client Vans, Social.Lab recently started testing a new beta made available to them by Paragone: carousel ads in Instagram Stories. This new ad format allows advertisers to have up to three pieces of media per Instagram Story, where only one was previously available.

Vans chose to incorporate the test into their Girls Skate India campaign. The branding campaign creates an emotional narrative that shows female skateboarders inspiring and empowering the next generation through skating – an activity not often associated with girls.

MMR_blog_SocialLab-Vans_VIDEOThe results were great: double the ‘swipe-ups’ for the new carousel format and a 42% cheaper cost-per-swipe-up.

Read the full case study here.


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