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Written by The Marketing Team July 5, 2019

Webinar: AI in Digital Advertising Today

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Artificial Intelligence is busy shaping and changing the world around us – and it’s changing digital advertising by leaps and bounds. At the same time, the customer journey has changed dramatically, becoming increasingly cross-channel.

On July 17, we held a webinar outlining a vision of where and how AI is changing digital advertising today, as well as a look at our very own AI recommendation engine for Facebook and Google ads.


Intelligent ‘next-step’ recommendations for your campaigns

Our cutting-edge recommendation engine is now available inbeta in the Paragone platform. The tool ingests data from your Facebook and Google ad campaigns and provides intelligent recommendations on the fly, which you can implement on your campaigns in just a few clicks.


Insight is an opportunity to optimize ads, hidden in the data. Either a problem to fix or a good trend to leverage.Capture d’écran 2019-06-05 à 17.30.08Our proprietary tool analyzes all factors that effect ad performance – from audience age, gender and location, to bidding strategies and budget, to creative format, placement, call-to-action & more.

Each insight provided is :

1. Anomalous: Insight alerts you when a segment performs unusually good or bad for your business.

2. Actionable: You can do something about this problem or opportunity.

3. Explained: We show you, which factors influenced the anomaly, which metrics are affected and what is the potential outcome of taking action there.

The webinar

When: 17 July, 4pm Paris time (10am New York)

Who: The webinar was hosted by Kathryn Peake (Content Marketing Manager at Paragone), alongside Dmitriy Pleshakov (Head of AI, and formerly founder of Captain Growth).

kat and dOur eBook

The webinar has now passed, but you can learn all about AI and digital advertising in our guide!

Download our eBook and learn:

  • MMR_LandingPage_AI-AND-DAWhat exactly we mean when we talk about Artificial Intelligence.
  • How AI can help advertisers respond to evolving customer expectations by delivering more personalized ad experiences & why it’s important.
  • Where AI is integrated in advertising tools in social media and on Google.
  • The AI tools that are helping advertisers work smarter and improve performance through the entire advertising cycle: optimization, dynamic creative, measurement, and consumer & competitive intelligence.
  • How AI can be an asset in building a successful cross-network ads strategy.

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