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our expert team and your team, united by Paragone’s advanced technology and AI.

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You’ll have full access to the team of social media experts and tech wizards who are obsessed
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Your dedicated execution squad

Our Managed Services Team handles your workload and execution. Backed up by the technology, you have full control and visibility while focusing on what matters most to your business.

  • Dedicated Account Management & Media Planning
  • Dedicated Media Traders
  • Flexible SLAs and Elastic Availability
  • In-house Team Coordination
  • End-to-end campaign management
  • Privileged Network Partner Relationship access
  • Regular Calls, Reports, and Reviews

Professional Services.

Your indispensable guides

Paragone’s Professional Services will help you do more with your existing resources as well as review and plan the growth strategy.

Account/Business audits

a comprehensive overview of your business performance across all channels, markets, even multiple brands.

  • Technical Review
  • Creative Audit
  • Targeting Audit
  • Delivery / Objective Analysis
  • Budgeting

Strategy Planning

  • Omnichannel
  • Multi-market approach
  • Focus on scaling up and increasing ROAS

Reporting & Analytics

a comprehensive yet practical set of dynamic dashboards that will help you make better decisions.

  • One glance metrics: know exactly what needs your team’s attention
  • Actionable Insights: your KPIs as you need to see them
  • Benchmarking and Market-Grades using multiple 3rd Party data sources
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Team of dedicated
digital advertising experts

You get your highest performance in advertising
with the power of a dedicated team.

Supported by our powerful technology
and optimization AI

We combine powerful enterprise-level software
technology with human expertise.

Free yourself
to think strategy

Our automated campaign management platform
enables our team to focus on insights, strategy
and client service.

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Jeremy Macé
Digital Marketing Manager
@Balmain helps us centralize our data and gives us clear visibility on all the KPIs we are tracking. It allows us to dive into the complexity of all data, while providing a simplified report.
You need results. We’ve got them.
eCom sellout
maintaining ROAS (2,69)
and significantly increasing
volumes (31M vs 14M).
driven by last click paid only (managed by Paragone)
Avg. Order Value
ecom users
(16M vs 10M)

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