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Paragone is rewarded as high performer in the cross-channel advertising category this fall by G2

Paris, September 22nd, 2022 — Paragone, a Perion company that provides an advanced, cross-channel advertising management platform, is placed by in the “High Performers” quadrant for its cross-channel advertising software. For new generation marketers with a performance mindset, it’s a one-stop solution for optimizing results, unlocking insights, and automating reporting from paid social campaigns….


How custom metrics can fuel your social media reporting.

Step-by-step guide on how to level up your cross-channel reporting with custom metrics. For every business and agency, online marketing strategies are different. One-size-fits-all approaches do not work. Social media analytics can greatly benefit performance evaluation and reporting. Performance marketers are always trying to find a balance between data and business. Thanks to social platforms,…

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Why Managed Services are revolutionizing the media landscape.

Finding, training and retaining top digital talent is becoming a serious challenge for brands and agencies who want to boost their paid media results. Could Managed Services offer the solution?  The market for digital media skills has never been more competitive. Whether you’re an agency or a brand, finding and retaining digital experts has become…


The 5 things you should ask your ad agency on your next weekly call.

If you outsource your media buying to an agency then you know the drill: weekly calls to pore over results and insights, and ensure the strategy is achieving the right results. But too often these calls are a mess of disconnected data and cluttered spreadsheets. Maybe your reach has grown on Instagram, while click throughs…

How AI Boosts Advertising Analytics

(Wo)Man, Machine, and Marketing: How AI Boosts Advertising Analytics.

What does ‘AI in Digital Advertising’ mean anyway?  “You need to implement AI tools in your digital advertising” you’ve heard them say. But what on earth does that mean? AI involves smart algorithms that analyze massive amounts of data from multiple sources, for example, smart advertising AI platforms draw data from Google Analytics & social…


2 agencies, 1 challenge: Choosing the perfect social advertising platform.

A day in the life of a digital marketing analyst Although people can have the same job title & responsibilities, their working days often look vastly different. This is frequently the case for marketing analysts, with agencies using different software, tools, and processes. To illustrate this point, let’s take a look at a typical day…

Life at Paragone

Paragone – What defined us in 2021

Shai Alfandary, CEO, Wow! Another year has come and gone… And what a year it has been – Both from a personal and professional point of view! There have been many exciting developments in the world of marketing, and I am proud that Paragone has been at the forefront of many of them. There…

Luxury brand

Key takeaways from the Publicis/CBNews Paris Luxury Summit 2021

  The 8th edition of the Paris Luxury Summit, co-organized by CBNews & Publicis, called for the sector’s urgency to act by identifying key strengths and mobilizing creative energies to adapt to an ever-changing digital world. With Bertrand Humblot as our Keynote speaker, along with Tatiana Dupont, Head of luxury at Linkedin, we not only…