Life at Paragone

End of the Year Reflection: A chat with our Team about this year’s tops & the future of cross-channel advertising.

Here at Paragone, we’re constantly working to bring more value to the social advertising landscape and collaborate with new-gen marketers to explore the unlimited possibilities of the social world. When it comes to the future of collaboration and productivity in the social advertising landscape, we’re committed to simplifying the way business drives performance across networks….


Paragone Product Updates: Just in Time for the Holidays.

Behind the scenes at Paragone, we’re constantly working to add value to your social advertising metrics. In this blog post, we take you through new features that will help you drive better performance across all the networks, and deliver the best tool for boosting your holiday sales via social media. Recently, we’ve rolled out a…

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Market Trends

Get more cheer with Google advertising this Christmas

The decorations are going up, it’s getting colder outside, and Christmas is just around the corner! It’s a cheery time of year, not just for people, but also for savvy businesses from a range of industries.

Market Trends

Ads in Facebook Marketplace: a guide to keeping it contextual

The development of Facebook Marketplace over the last year or so has been impressive. The social giant has thrown itself head-long into the online commerce space, by building a tool to further facilitate what had already become one of the major uses of Facebook around the world: buying and selling.

Market Trends

6 things that set the Stories format apart

Stories are changing social media. But what exactly makes them different? If you’re going to make the most of this format in your advertising strategy, you will need to understand what sets it apart. Across the major social networks, there are slight differences in the way Stories are set up, but there are also some…

Client Stories

With Paragone, agency life is a dream for IPG Mediabrands

In Belgium, the team at IPG Mediabrands use the Paragone platform to deliver on their clients’ social advertising needs. Working with the solution day-to-day, the agency has come to view it as a crucial pillar in the value they provide to their clients. IPG Mediabrands is an agency group for the 21st Century. With 10,500 marketing communication, media and…

Client Stories

BUX see results with Facebook Stories ads

Having managed their social campaigns via the Paragone platform for three years now, BUX decided to test a new placement in a recent Facebook advertising campaign: Facebook Stories ads. They tested this new placement as part of a mixed-placement campaign which also featured ads in the Facebook news feed on mobile and Instagram Feed.


The ‘Stories’ format in social media: the ultimate guide

Stories are powerful. And human beings crave them. All sorts of studies have suggested that storytelling stimulates the human brain in a way hard facts never can.