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Paragone is rewarded as high performer in the cross-channel advertising category this fall by G2

Paris, September 22nd, 2022 — Paragone, a Perion company that provides an advanced, cross-channel advertising management platform, is placed by in the “High Performers” quadrant for its cross-channel advertising software. For new generation marketers with a performance mindset, it’s a one-stop solution for optimizing results, unlocking insights, and automating reporting from paid social campaigns….


How custom metrics can fuel your social media reporting.

Step-by-step guide on how to level up your cross-channel reporting with custom metrics. For every business and agency, online marketing strategies are different. One-size-fits-all approaches do not work. Social media analytics can greatly benefit performance evaluation and reporting. Performance marketers are always trying to find a balance between data and business. Thanks to social platforms,…

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Client Stories

With Paragone, agency life is a dream for IPG Mediabrands

In Belgium, the team at IPG Mediabrands use the Paragone platform to deliver on their clients’ social advertising needs. Working with the solution day-to-day, the agency has come to view it as a crucial pillar in the value they provide to their clients. IPG Mediabrands is an agency group for the 21st Century. With 10,500 marketing communication, media and…

Client Stories

BUX see results with Facebook Stories ads

Having managed their social campaigns via the Paragone platform for three years now, BUX decided to test a new placement in a recent Facebook advertising campaign: Facebook Stories ads. They tested this new placement as part of a mixed-placement campaign which also featured ads in the Facebook news feed on mobile and Instagram Feed.


The ‘Stories’ format in social media: the ultimate guide

Stories are powerful. And human beings crave them. All sorts of studies have suggested that storytelling stimulates the human brain in a way hard facts never can.

Market Trends

Keys to Black Friday (part 3): Be Creative

Increased competition on platforms like Facebook means advertisers need to be more creative to gain cut-through. Especially around tiles of high competition, like Black Friday, advertisers need to think outside the box to break through the ‘noise’. The best performing ads have things in common At Paragone, we have noticed that the best performing seasonal…

Market Trends

Why Facebook & Google advertising work better together

In an increasingly complex and omni-channel world, more and more performance marketers are recognising that traditional attribution models are broken. Last-click attribution, commonly used in the industry to measure the effectiveness of one channel over another, simply isn’t geared towards the complex web of interactions and touch points a user has with a brand before…


Paragone is now a Google Premier Partner

What if online advertisers are seeing in 2D? What if you are missing a crucial layer of insight – a deeper level of vision – that could bring clarity on the full customer journey?