AI tools to help you save time and optimize performance

Artificial Intelligence is changing the game when it comes to online advertising, disrupting traditional models and mindsets. And it has become a key component of ad tools across networks that can help you boost performance, deliver better ad experiences to customers, and save you time and effort. AI can be especially powerful when it comes…

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7 common myths in digital advertising

Go ahead and Google “digital advertising best practices,” and you’ll come up with millions of results. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly which advice to follow, plus best practices can change with shifting algorithms, the rise of new networks, and more.

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What emojis tell us about the future of messaging

Everyone has their favourite emoji – whether it’s the heart eyes, simple smiley face, cash with wings or thumbs up, emojis are playing a bigger and bigger role everyday in our communication across SMS and messaging platforms. They’ve become icons for a new generation – heck, there’s even a feature-length movie about emojis! From their…

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Rihanna and Snapchat: When advertisers cross the line

With Rihanna at their head, the people of the internet are unhappy with Snapchat. The company this week received widespread criticism for approving an ad that made a joke out of domestic violence. The ad, from games publisher Would you Rather, asked users whether they would prefer to slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown, referencing Brown’s…


Should you outsource your social advertising?

Are you just getting started with advertising on social media? We know it can be daunting! With the huge variety of different platforms, ad formats and targeting options it can be hard to know where to start. Or maybe you’re already advertising on social, but aren’t too sure how to go to the next level…

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4 quick tips to overcoming ad fatigue

Ad fatigue is a growing problem for advertisers everywhere. It’92s what happens when your target audience has been shown an ad too many times, and CTR falls while the ad frequency continues to rise. In today’92s day and age, social media users have become pretty good at ignoring ads and, worse, might even choose to…


Introducing the Complete Guide to the Facebook Pixel

Are you a Performance Marketer, Brand Manager or Agency advertising on Facebook? If so, you’ve most likely heard of the Facebook Pixel. It’s an analytics tool to help you measure the effectiveness of your advertising, by understanding the actions people take on your website. The data from this small piece of code can: Give you…