Unlock new revenue opportunities hidden from your digital media team

As digital media spend increases, digital media teams are reevaluating the attributed impact on the relative share of e-commerce revenue. In the new normal, with great  success come even greater volumes of data. To maintain the momentum of success, manual data analysis in particular represents a critical barrier to success. A survey from Anaconda revealed…


Publicis and SNCF take control of the collaboration challenge

The Challenge Managing social ads can be complicated and the process can be even more daunting when two companies are managing the same social campaigns. The situation happens frequently between ad agencies and their clients, and it can be a real barrier to the smooth management of effective campaigns. Publicis Group, one of the largest…


The latest on Instagram for business: An interview with Jenn Herman

Instagram’s rise has been monumental. From humble beginnings as a photo editing and sharing app in 2010, Instagram has grown to become a major social network, where people communicate and interact with each other, engage with businesses and even go on to purchase. The business opportunities available to advertisers on Instagram today are almost infinite….


Travel business?
3 must-use ad formats!

Summer is on its way and that means holidays! For hotel and hospitality businesses, airlines, tour guides and others, this is a crucial time of year to put a good dent in the yearly revenue objective! Facebook and other social networks have some innovative ad formats available to travel advertisers. Facebook, specifically, has identified the…


The best social media & marketing conferences of 2018 so far

We’re half way through 2018 (can you believe it?) and we thought it would be a good time for a quick summary of our favourite marketing and social media conferences of 2018 so far. We’ve attended a number of conferences so far this year, keeping our finger on the pulse of everything going on and,…


WATCH: Birchbox revolutionizing the beauty industry with Paragone

Birchbox is a pioneering beauty subscription service, offering subscribers a tailored monthly box of makeup, haircare, and skincare samples delivered right to their door. This innovative business model allows Birchbox customers to discover and fall in love with new products, all whilst enjoying a personalized experience.    At Paragone, we’re proud to have been…


Paragone Franchise Feature for Retailers

So your company runs or owns a number of different stores. You’re setting up a campaign and, quite rightly, would like to split your Facebook campaign budget across stores, depending on their individual sizes, values or budgets. But how? Facebook only allows you one global budget, which the algorithm splits depending on how your ads…


Snapchat Advertising: 7 takeaways from our sales season workshop

With the goal of sharing how Snapchat can help level-up ad performances in the sales season, today we co-hosted a workshop with Snapchat at their Paris offices. With a room full of performance marketers, social media managers and agency folk, we heard a series of presentations from people who have seen the power of Snapchat…