Demand generation for growth marketing minds – An interview with Shai Alfandary, Paragone’s GM.

The head of the paid media optimization platform talks about lead generation, the convergence of B2B and B2C, and why consumers should not be crammed into a funnel:  “Our new Audience Based Advertising has now launched and is going to make a huge difference on the way companies in the space of B2B and B2C…


Marketing software and platforms – which is best for you?

How to choose the right digital marketing tools for success on social. Which marketing software tool or platform will help your business, agency or brand reach greater performance, grow and scale? Are some better for B2B and others at B2C? Which is best for social insights and which is optimised for Google Attribution? We look…

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Paragone Franchise Feature for Retailers

So your company runs or owns a number of different stores. You’re setting up a campaign and, quite rightly, would like to split your Facebook campaign budget across stores, depending on their individual sizes, values or budgets. But how? Facebook only allows you one global budget, which the algorithm splits depending on how your ads…

Market Trends

Snapchat Advertising: 7 takeaways from our sales season workshop

With the goal of sharing how Snapchat can help level-up ad performances in the sales season, today we co-hosted a workshop with Snapchat at their Paris offices. With a room full of performance marketers, social media managers and agency folk, we heard a series of presentations from people who have seen the power of Snapchat…

Market Trends

New study reveals key to reaching teens on social

A study published by Pew research last week has uncovered some interesting insights about US teens use and preferences of social media. Most interesting for us at Paragone, and we reckon for all social advertisers, is the growing shift towards social networks that house highly visual and easily browsable content. Amongst a whole host of…


Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Summer Sales Success

The annual summer sales period is the highlight of the yearly calendar for many retailers and e-commerce businesses. Typically taking place throughout June and July (depending on the city and country), these few weeks represent an important part of the yearly turnover for many stores. So it’s crucial retailers and e-commerce websites make sure they’re…

Market Trends

Innovating within the established: An interview with Jennifer Edelberg

The latest episode of our ‘Hello Social Ad-dicts’ podcast is centered on the theme of innovating within the established. We discuss what it means to be innovative within an ad format or medium that is already well established. Innovate to cut through Social advertising is pretty go-forward, but social networks are crowded places these days….


4 Tips for Revolutionary Retargeting

If you’re an e-commerce business, here’s a statistic that should scare you: 97% of visitors, on average, will leave your website without making a purchase the first time. So what can you do? Are you simply wasting a whole lot of money, time, and effort attracting them to your site? Or are there some actions…